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Zadanie 1.
Przeczytaj tekst, który został podzielony na trzy części (A–C) oraz pytania go dotyczące. Do każdego pytania dopasuj właściwą część tekstu. Uwaga: jedna część tekstu pasuje do dwóch pytań.


When a teenager starts looking for seasonal employment for the summer, it is a signal that he or she is on the way to adulthood. However, it’s advisable for the first job to be based upon a young person’s favourite activities. In the area where I live, most boys love helping golfers. It’s tiring, as there is a lot of walking involved and carrying weighty bags of golf clubs, but getting generous tips is considered more than a sufficient compensation.

Finding suitable seasonal employment requires some planning and making appointments. A young person should consider what he or she hopes to get out of the job, apart from wages. Working as a gardener isn’t much fun if a person hates getting dirty, even if he or she likes outdoor activities. But it’s good to have in mind that a short-term, low-status occupation often provides the worker with basic skills that may become useful later. Therefore, it’s wise to endure some hardships and start building up a résumé while still at school.

Assuming that it’s never too early to start, an internship presents an ideal option for a teen that is already on course toward a particular career. Such a job arrangement with any employer will look great on a résumé. Even though these types of positions are unpaid, the experience that can be gained from completing an internship could be priceless. Especially, when one considers the professional experience that can be gained. Teens can search for internship opportunities through their high school career guidance counsellors, or by approaching managers of their target companies directly.
adapted from www.forbes.com
In which paragraph does the author
Zadanie 1.1.
recommend who to turn to when looking for work?
Zadanie 1.2.
mention a job in which physical endurance is well rewarded financially?
Zadanie 1.3.
inform us that getting a temporary well-paid job involves prior arrangements?
Zadanie 1.4.
state that some simple jobs help to develop competence for a further career?
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