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Zadanie 1.
Przeczytaj tekst, który został podzielony na trzy części (A–C) oraz pytania ich dotyczące (1.1.–1.4.). Do każdego pytania dopasuj właściwą część tekstu.
Uwaga: jedna część tekstu pasuje do dwóch pytań.
In which paragraph does the author
Zadanie 1.1.
mention an airline which is an exception to à la carte pricing?
Zadanie 1.2.
suggest that à la carte pricing might lead to unequal treatment of passengers?
Zadanie 1.3.
quote the results of a survey to make a point?
Zadanie 1.4.
refer to the service which started the policy of à la carte pricing?

A. The practice of à la carte pricing, that is, charging passengers for each service individually, for instance food and drinks or choosing a seat, is more and more common. The trend began with American Airlines introducing a fee for checked-in luggage and soon the ideas for other add-ons followed. With far fewer people flying because of the economic recession airlines are reluctant to raise fares and many companies are counting on this money more than ever. In fact, à la carte pricing has become so successful that experts are predicting it will be on the rise in the years to come.

B. European carrier FlyWithUs has taken à la carte pricing to the extreme, introducing a per-minute fee for customers speaking to a company representative on the phone. That practice would probably never take off in the U.S. Experts predict the à la carte pricing structure will allow carriers to treat higher-paying passengers better than their penny-pinching neighbours. For example, a person who buys an in-flight meal, a headset, and a pillow is likely to get better service from the cabin crew. This has always been the case in first class, but it’s new to economy.

C. Because fees vary from airline to airline – and only a few companies, like Southwest, still subscribe to the old-fashioned, all-inclusive approach – it takes a lot of work to figure out the total cost of a trip. You have to do a lot of math but if you book online, don’t check-in a bag, and skip the meal, you’re probably paying less than if the airlines had simply raised fares. And according to a poll conducted last year people are becoming more comfortable with the system for that reason. Fifty-three percent of the respondents said they’d prefer to buy the lowest-priced option and then add services than go for a higher priced all-inclusive fare.
adapted from www.budgettravel.com
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